July 29, 2021

iNews Network

News That Delivers!



We are starting a new National News Network delivering short hourly newscasts 24/7 to small and medium market radio stations who don’t have the personnel or resources to collect and deliver news to their listeners on their own.

With the demise of Westwood One’s news services and the uncertain future of several other nationally focused news providers, we feel it this is an opportune time to roll out a lean, well run, national/international news network that can meet the needs of today’s radio stations while at the same time delivering a solid, factual, reliable, listenable product and immediate bulletin reports as they occur.

We see the need as immediate but not short term, rather long-term with the company expanding to include not only short news and sports reports but eventually the addition of regionalized news coverage, regionalized sports coverage, long-form news coverage, in-depth reports, political and sports talk, and other areas of interest to our affiliates.

What separates this concept from the numerous other news services that are available to the radio station owner is our costing flexibility to provide offered services, our laser sharp focus on the needs of the smaller to medium market station consumer and the issues they face, and our ability to provide compelling product in a timely manner. Our management team of President/CEO John Hunt and COO/VP of Operations Bob (Steele) Rappleye provides the company with the stable direction that comes from almost 100-years of hands-on broadcasting experience.

The team combines years of on-air broadcasting with decades of operations, management, consulting, and ownership to offer the company a diverse industry savvy management group unmatched in any company of this level. We truly believe that this unique company can provide the quality news services required by today’s broadcasters, at an affordable rate, using available technologies, in a proprietary system, at the same time providing those services in an incredibly cost effective manner.

Mission Statement

We will strive to provide quality news and sports programming to our affiliates, maintaining the highest journalistic standards, providing the facts in a truthful and timely manner

Company Philosophy

We will abide by our Mission Statement and provide factual unbiased news to our affiliate stations and their listeners.

Philosophy Discussion

In these times of a pandemic, national racial strife and many economic challenges, listeners don’t feel they are getting the ENTIRE news story every time…and certainly not without corporate or personal bias. In this age of consolidation and budget cuts on the local radio station levels Radio Listeners are craving news and information more than ever. Further with today’s rampant Social Media usage they are unfortunately, finding themselves dependent on the half-truths and slanted information given on those platforms. Many small and large media companies are making the mistake of cutting back or even eliminating their news departments. Over the last 30 years news presentation has changed drastically. As broadcasters, most of us were taught to present ALL THE FACTS and let the listener decide what they believed. What has developed over recent years , partially due to the 24-hour news cycle and as a direct result of the intense competition in the industry to get “THE” story, “journalists” are ordered by their networks to present only the facts that “help make their political case” and largely presenting no opposing viewpoints on a given issue . Those “other” viewpoints are either marginalized, mocked or ignored completely. Without dating ourselves, the front office of this company feels it is time to return to the “Walter Cronkite”-style of newscasts adopting a “Dragnet Joe Friday”-style news philosophy of “Just the Facts…”

Company Goals

This company will provide daily 24/7 coverage of breaking news events and stories. We will provide that information in timely [top of the hour (:00) and bottom of the hour (:30)] newscasts. In addition, we will provide short form sportscasts once per hour. Future plans will include expanded long form news coverage, Regional news and sports coverage, News/Talk and Sports Talk programming and possibly a news magazine show.


Most of our nation is actually politically “moderate” or in the “center”. However, generally as a population, we are only hearing from the far right (Fox) or the far left (CNN, MSNBC). This biased news coverage with a political purpose is counterproductive to having an informed population, and to a greater degree an informed electorate. Our colleagues in the news business seem to feel both corporately and personally that their purpose is to shape public opinion. To somehow act as a moral compass for the society telling viewers and listeners how they should feel about a situation or issue rather than their actual purpose of reporting the news concisely, factually and without personal bias. Editorial comment initially crept into newscasts , but has developed to such a degree that one can’t listen to a news report without being told how terrible a situation is, how racist one group or another is, or how wonderful a controversial political figure is. The profession (and the industry) has become less about the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why and more about the headlines and less and less about the big picture. Our pledge to our listeners, and our affiliate stations is… We will be honest, stay honest, compassionate and present all sides of any story or issue. Every single day. On a network that strives for equality and the ability to have point and counterpoint on talk shows and unbiased news reporting by talented, veteran journalists.